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How does the carpet factory classify the carpet

發布時間:2018-07-09   點擊次數:

    Carpets are widely used in all places where we live, but when we use them, we must make reasonable choices according to the level set by the carpet factory.
1. Mild household level: This level of carpet is generally used in rooms that are not commonly used or in rooms that are not often involved.
Second, moderate household level: This level of carpet, also known as light professional use level, this level of carpet is mainly used in the master bedroom or dining room.
Third, the general household level: This level of carpet is also called heavy professional use level in the carpet factory, mainly used in the living room, where people enter and exit more, such as the stairs corridor.
Fourth, heavy household grade: This level of carpet is generally used in places with high wear.
5. Severe professional use level: This level of carpet produced by the carpet factory is generally not used in our home.
Sixth, luxury class: Because this level of carpet has excellent quality, it is used in high-end places.
    There are probably some grades in the carpet factory carpet. When you purchase, you can make a reasonable choice according to your actual situation.